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Thawing Whole Frozen Chicken in Elm Cottage

In this article we will share you one of Elm Cottage chef’s story about her favorite dish – chicken!

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One of the many significant household tasks that my Mother has taught me is how to defrost chicken properly. She has fairly reminded me that defrosting frozen food is not merely a task that is part of some fads and fashion but a matter to be taken seriously. I remember how she lectured me on food safety and how to never deal with it loosely because food poisoning is also not a petty peril of the health. I have learned and even practiced safe ways of thawing chicken.  Defrosting meat in the refrigerator was her preferred method but takes more than enough time. That is why I was reminded time and again to plan meals ahead so I could budget my time in the kitchen pretty well. Moreover, I was taught about thawing meat by bathing it in cold water. My mother always wants everything to be a hundred percent sure so we use ice cubes in addition to cold water to ensure that the water never gets warm. Bathing the frozen food in cold water is my favorite method. And although she does not approve of thawing the chicken meat in the microwave, it is still considered safe to do so. She does not approve of the meat being cooked partially because it will ruin the entire recipe.

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I have exactly applied all those learning for my own family. However, just recently, I encountered frozen whole chicken to be defrosted. And all the past practices made were those of cuts and slices only. I almost panicked because it was a meal unplanned for and I know I would not be able to use the refrigerator in defrosting because it will make all of us starve before it gets thawed completely. I scanned the internet for possible options on defrosting whole chicken and found some tips that have been of great help. Whole chicken can be defrosted in cold water and microwave just like the small ones. It required plenty of cold water and ice cubes though because it is big but it has been thawed completely and I was confident that I made it safely.