Healthy Habbits @ Elm Cottage

Fostering healthy habits is a worthwhile pursuit. You are not just what you eat; you are what you do!

Small, intentional changes are the difference between being fit and strong and being lethargic and unwell.

Why is this good news?

Your habits are changeable. To develop new, healthy habits all you have to do is replace your old behaviors by taking actions that will produce better results for you. With a little bit of reflection, you can pinpoint the areas that need work.

healthy habbits
For example, taking the dog for a walk after dinner instead of smoking a cigarette could help you quit smoking and lose a few pounds. A few pounds lighter, full of fresh air- you might find yourself delighted to make another positive change.

Swapping green tea for the artificial juice you usually have in the morning will provide you with some crucial antioxidants, catechins, and polyphenols. You could lose ten pounds this year by giving your routine this little upgrade.

You do eat a healthy breakfast, right? Eating a healthy breakfast gives you the fuel you need to jump start your day, fires up your metabolism, and increases the likelihood that you’ll make a nutritious choice for lunch.

Developing healthy eating habits sets you up for continued success by making all those little decisions throughout the day easier to manage. And knowledge is power. By learning how much and what kinds of food your body needs, you can positively influence your physical fitness. Here is a great example of fitness athlete who not only shares his workout routine, but also gives a clear view on his diet plan and overall healthy habits he has

A general knowledge of caloric content and appropriate portion sizes can help you make better decisions when you are eating out. Similarly, knowing how to read food labels and speed up your metabolism can better prepare you for making smart decisions at the grocery store.


What’s the best part?

Replacing your unhealthy habits with more beneficial actions does not have to be time consuming. For instance, staying hydrated takes the same amount of time as being thirsty or drinking unhealthy beverages. And your efforts will pay off.

After all, becoming dehydrated by as little as 3% can have a negative impact on your ability to perform mental and physical tasks properly.

The ultimate goal is to make one small change at a time and stick with it so that eventually, healthy habits are second nature to you. When making healthy choices comes naturally, there is no risk of holidays or occasional restaurant outings sabotaging your hard work or waistline.mhh_healthy_girl

Embracing just one healthy habit can empower you to keep adding healthy lifestyle changes to your routine. In your wildest dreams, how fit could you look? How fantastic could you feel?

How will you Take Action to celebrate your perfect body today?